Indira Gandhi Centre for National Integration, Visva-Bharati was formally set up approved by the University Grants Commission, in January 1986. Its objectives include study of the political, religious, socio-cultural, demographic, sociological aspects, suggesting remedial measures to strengthen ,the national unity and to emphasize the pluralistic features of Indian society.

Initially the Centre organised some programmes which generated an awareness in national integration. Later in the early nineties a few orientation courses for school teachers on national integration were arranged. Since 1995 certain important seminars and workshops were held and a few books, last of which "Terrorism in India: A Threat to Stability and Integration of the Nation" was published.

A Post Graduate Diploma Course in Journalism and Mass Communication has been started in this Centre in the Financial Year 2000-2001.

Future Plan

Major item would be to organise research on the various socio-cultural issues that hinders national integration. A continuous study by the centre and /or in collaboration with others is to be sustained. The centre desires to organise a strong cultural troupe to disseminate sense of unity through- out India. In this sphere both Sangit-Bhavana and Kala-Bhavana will be consulted. All the programmes so far taken in the last one decade shall be regenerated.