Faculty Member

Bijoy Mukherjee


Areas of Specialisation
Logic, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, Ethics & Social Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophical Logic

Date of Birth 17th April 1952
Contacts E-Mail:   bijoy.mukherjee.visva-bharati.ac.in
Phone:   +91 9233331112
Year Degree College/University
1973 B.Sc. Visva-Bharati
1979 M.A. Visva-Bharati
1998 Ph.D. Visva-Bharati
Research Projects, Papers and Books
Major Projects
Causality and Law in Scientific Explanation, UGC Project, ( Principal Investigator) 1996 - 1999
Default Logic and Moral Paradoxes, Supported by UGC (Co-investigator) 1997-2000
Amartya Sen and Contemporary Philosophy: UGC Project (Principal investigator) ongoing

Formal Logic: Paradigms and Perspectives ( forthcoming)
Published about 25 research and review articles in various national and international journals and anthologies and 2 articles are forthcoming.

Teaching Experience
22 years in Visva-Bharati
ICPR General Fellow(1982 - 1985), UGC Major Research Project Grant (1996-1999) Travel Grant by ICPR (1984), Travel grant 1996, Visva-Bharati, UGC Major Research Project Grant ( 2001 - 2003), Visiting Fellow, Assam University 2003.
Academic Distinction
Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Philosophy, Indian University, Bloomington, US ( 1985)
Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Philosophy, Assam University Silchar, 2003
Other co-curricular interests
Actively pursuing Indian Classical Music and Digital Music Processing, Low-cost Vernacular Architecture and Sustainable Agriculture.