Faculty Member

Sabuj Kali Sen (Mitra)


Areas of Specialisation
Biomedical Ethics

Nyaya (Indian Logic)

Comparative Religion
Phenomenology of Religion
Sociology of Religion
Continental Philosophy

Date of Birth 7th August 1955
Year Degree College/University
  B.A(Honours) Visva-Bharati
  M.A. Visva-Bharati
  Ph.D. Visva-Bharati
Teaching Experience
23 years in Visva-Bharati
Research Projects, Papers and Books

An Examination of Nyaya Theory of Memory, Philosophica, March & June, Calcutta, 1989
Jayanta Bhatta's Notion of Memory, Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Vol-VII, No. 2, 3, & 4, Puna
Sin and Ignorance: A Comparative Note,Prabuddha Bharata, November, Mayavati, Himalaya.
The Christian Concept of Sin & Hindu Concept of Ignorance [Avidya]: A Comparative Study, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XVIII, Santiniketan.
From World to God : An Analysis and Appraisal of the Cosmological Argument, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XXI, No. 1.
Nyaya Mate Samanya Laksana Sannikarsa, Philosophica, January-March, Calcutta [in Bengali]
A Note on the Nyaya Theory of Pramana Samplava, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol.-XXI, No.2.
Swami Vivekananda and Nastional integration, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol.-XXII, No. 1.
John Hick's Eschatological Verification : An Analysis, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol-XXIII, No.2.
Concept of Aprama [Non-valid Knowledge] in Indian Philosophy The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol-XIII, No-2.
Possibility of Interfaith Dialogue - An Analysis Philosophy of Vivekanda, ed. By Prof. P. K. Sengupta, Progressive Publishers, Calcutta
Advaita Vedanta of Sankaracharya and Swami Vivekanda - An Analysis Vidyasagar University Journal of Humanities
The Bhatta Definition of Prama and the Problem of Dharabhika Jnana The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol-XXXII, No-II
An Analysis of Euthanasia with special reference to Indian tradition. Tucci Centenury Volume, Department of Indo-Tebetan Studies, Visva-Bhatrati
The Right to Die: Freedom to leave, An Analysis of Euthanasia in Graco-Roman and Indian Tradition Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Vol-xxxv,No 1.
Samsya Timir Majhe (On novels of Nabanita Dev Sen) Purbayian, Calcutta, edited by Amitra Sudan Bhattacharya.

Awards and academic distinction
Visitor, UGC sponsored Indo-French Cultural Programme
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Humanities, Vidya sagar University
Other co-curricular interests
Academic Secretary, Academy of Comparative Religion, Santiniketan Chapter
Any Other Information
Special interest in Ramkrishna Movement and Folk Religions of Bengal