Santidev Ghosh (1910-99)

Son of Kalimohan Ghosh, Santidev was born in Chandpur, Bangladesh and came to Santinketan with his parents when he was not even a year old. He was a student at the Santiniketan Vidyalaya and at an early age acquired proficiency in music, dance and acting. He joined Visva-Bharati as a teacher in 1930 and also took dance classes for the boys and girls of Patha Rhavana. He was Adhyaksha of Sangit Bhavana from 1964 to 68 and from 1971 to 1973.

Rabindranath encouraged him to visit Java, Bali and Sri Lanka to learn oriental dance forms. He studied classical and folk dance at Santiniketan and was skilled in Dhrupadi-Sangit and folk music. Among the numerous books he wrote, the following may be mentioned: Rabindra-Sangit, Java O Balir Nrityagit, Rabindranather Purnanga Sikshadarse Sangit O Nritya, Rabindra Sangit Vicitraand Rabindra Nrityakala
He was nominated a fellow of the Sangit Natak Akademi in 1976. In 1985, Visva-Bharati conferred upon him the Desikottama and Rabindra-Bharati and Burdwan University awarded him honorary D.Litt. Degrees.