Svadesh, 1905. Patriotic poems and songs.
(Subsequent edition issued under the title Sankalpa O Svadesh, now current.)

Chayanika, 1909. Poems and songs.

Samkalan, 1925. Prose writings other than fiction.

Sanchayita, 1931. Poems, songs and verse-dramas.
 (Selected by the author, and published on the occasion of the Tagore septuagenary  celebrations. Sanchayan, 1947, is practically a shorter edition of Sanchayita.)

 Vichitra, 1961.
 (An anthology covering practically all aspects of  Tagore's literary contribution, published on the occasion of his birth centenary.)

Dipika, 1963. An anthology on the lines of Vichitra.

Rakhi, 1978. An anthology of love-poems.