Centre for Modern European Languages, Literatures and Culture Studies was created in 2014 keeping in mind Rabindranath Tagore’s internationalist vision: Yatra visva bhavati eka nidam. The aim of CMELLCS is to promote an understanding of European civilization and its diverse impact on the world through the study of its languages, literatures and cultures, and through translation. The four modern European languages currently offered for study under CMELLCS are FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN and RUSSIAN. Courses offered range from (1) basic 2-year Certificate in French / German / Italian / Russian, (2) intermediate 1-year Diploma in French / German / Italian / Russian, (3) advanced 1-year Advanced Diploma in Italian / Russian, (4) 3-year graduation with BA (Hons.) in Modern European Languages, Literatures and Cultures with specialization in French / German / Italian / Russian, (5) Ph.D. with research in the fields of language, literature and culture studies relating to Europe with special reference to French / German / Italian / Russian. MA and M.Phil. in French / German / Italian / Russian will be introduced in the near future – syllabi for the postgraduate courses in these subjects have already been approved and passed by the relevant academic bodies of the university.”