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Established in 1948 as Art and Craft and Music Teachers Training centre and subsequently developed as a full-fledged Teachers Training College in 1951, Vinaya -Bhavana has the objective of training teachers for secondary schools as well as academicians committed to the cause of education in its various forms. Vinaya-Bhavana has adopted Tagores integrated system of education through which education, cultural sensitivity and service can be provided to motley of communities that vary from one another. If education is the vehicle of change, then the need for having adequately trained personnel becomes urgent.

Vinaya-Bhavana offers B. Ed., M. A. in Education, B.A./B. Sc.(Hons.) in Physical Education, B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. and research programmes leading to Ph.D. It has an active research cell. The institute has been a committed participant in the ongoing debate on New Education Policy. Through its Extension Services Wing, it also realizes the value of follow-up programmes for providing opportunities for in-service training in the recognition of school courses, improvement of school programmes, new methods and techniques, etc. for the teachers of secondary schools in various districts of West Bengal.

The students of this institute are provided with a very serious, adequate, guided and supervised field practice teaching in the schools of Visva-Bharati as well as the West Bengal Secondary Education Boards schools surrounding Visva-Bharati. The Bhavana has a well-equipped Audio-Visual Unit to facilitate quality improvement and mobilization in the teaching-learning process.























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