Faculty Member

Apurba Kumar Chattopadhyay

Economics and Politics

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Contact Address:
Department of Economics and Politics, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal 731235

akucha @rediffmail.com ;
apurbakumar. chattopadhyay @visva-bharati.ac.in

Phone numbers (mobile and/or landline):
(Office): (+91) 3463-262751 (Extn. 405)
Cell: (+91) 9433122479

Area of Specialisation in Teaching & Research:
Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics.

Teaching & Research Experience:
• Visva-Bharati since June, 2007.
• University of Colombo, Sri Lanka during April-July, 2012.
• S. R. Lahiri Mahavidyalaya (University of Kalyani) during September 1992-June, 2007.
• University of Calcutta under the Faculty Council of P.G.Studies in Arts and Business Studies (as Guest Faculty) since the session of 2005-06.
• Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, (as Guest Faculty) during September, 2004 to September 2006.
• Principal Investigator of UGC Major Research Project on ‘Stagnation of the Agrarian Economy: An Enquiry into Its Nature and Causes in Five Central Districts of West Bengal’ (2012-2014).
• SAP (DRS -1) funded project ‘Rural Non-Farm Employment: Characteristics and Determinants’ (Co-investigator: Dr. Saumya Chakrabarty) completed in 2011.
• Principal Investigator, UGC Minor Research Project on ‘Sustainability of the Small Farm Economy: The Case of Rural West Bengal’, completed in 2008.
• Principal Investigator, UGC Minor Research Project on ‘Distributive Impact of Agricultural Growth in Rural West Bengal', completed in 2005.

Awards and Honours:
• Selected as the Visiting Chair Professor at the Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, for a period of one semester from March 2012.
• Awarded UGC Research Fellowship (JRF for two years and SRF thereafter) during 5.12.1988 to 31.08.2092 at the Department of Economics, University of Calcutta.

Representative publication:
• ‘Distributive Impact of Agricultural Growth in Rural West Bengal', Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 40, No. 53, December 31, 2005—January 6, 2006, pp. 5601-10.
• ‘Globalisation, Inequalities in Consumption and Poverty in Rural India’, (jointly with Dr. Ratan Kumar Ghosal), The Asian Economic Review, Volume 46 No. 3, pp. 425-39, December 2004.
• ‘Economics of Rural Non-Farm Sector: Certain Characteristics and Determinants’, jointly with S. Chakraborty & S. Mondal in M. Ghosh & A K Chattopadhyay (Eds.), Rural Development in India: Challenges and Prospects, Serial Publicatons, New Delhi, 2013. (ISBN:978-818387592-9).
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• ‘Census 2001 and Sex Ratio: A Disaggregated Analysis of West Bengal’, Conference Volume, pp. 128-34. Bengal Economic Association, February 8, 2002, Presidency College, Kolkata.

Books & Journals edited:
• Rural Development in India: Challenges and Prospects, Serial Publications, New Delhi, 2013 (Jointly with M. Ghosh). (ISBN:978-818387592-9).
• ‘Globalisation and Problem of Unemployment in India’, (Ed.), Sarat Book Distributors, Kolkata, December 2005. ISBN: 81-87169-63-X.
• Reaching Out (Report of the Extension Programme of the Deptt of Economics & Politics), Deptt of Economics & Politics, Visva-Bharati. December, 2012.
• ‘Open Eyes’, A Biannual Journal of Social Science, Literature, Commerce and Allied Areas, Volume 1-3, December, 2004 to 2006. (ISSN: 2249-4332).