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Faculty Member


Bijoy Krishna Dolui
Sr. Lecturer



Area of Specialisation
Inorganic Chemistry

Date of Birth 12th June 1970
Year Degree College/University
1992 B.Sc. (Hons.) Vidyasagar University
1994 M.Sc. Vidyasagar University
Research Projects
"Ion-solvent interaction in mixed iso-dielectric nonaqueous solvent system"
Undergoing project - Jadavpur University
Teaching Experience
1and 1/4 years in Visva-Bharati
1 year in Raiganj Polytechnic (Govt.); Raiganj; North Dinajpur
4 and 1/4 years in KTPP High School (H.S.); K.T.P.P. T/S; East Midnapur
CSIR fellowship award, 1996
GHTE, 1995