Faculty Member


Chhanda Chatterjee



Areas of Specialisation

Agrarian History and Communalism

Date of Birth 24 November 1952
Year Degree College/University
1971 B.A. Honours Presidency College. Calcutta
1976 M.A. Calcutta University
1989 Ph.D Calcutta University
Research Projects
Two books entitled, Ecology, the Sikh Legacy and the Raj: Punjab, 1858-1887, (Minerva Associates, Calcutta, 1997) and "Ideology, the Rural Power Structure and Imperial Rule: Awadh and Punjab, 1858-1887, (The Asiatic Society, Calcutta, 1999).
Teaching Experience
19 years in Visva Bharati
5 years in Calcutta College
Other Co-curricular interest
Occasional writings in newspapers and journals
Any other information
Visited Lahore ( Pakistan) and Cambridge (U.K.) for collection of documents.