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Faculty Member


Gourab Kanti Das



Area of Specialisation
Organic Chemistry (Molecular Modeling)


Date of Birth 12th April 1969
Year Degree College/University
1989 B.Sc. (Hons.) Visva-Bharati
1991 M.Sc. Visva-Bharati
1995 Ph.D. Visva-Bharati
Research Projects

Title : "Asymmetric Epoxidation by Ylide reaction : A theoretical study
Funding Agent : UGC, New Delhi, 2000-2001
Title : Investigation on the pathway of intramolecular ene reaction
Funding Agent : UGC, New Delhi, 2002

Teaching Experience
1 years in Visva Bharati
2 1/2 years in ABN Seal College Cooch Behar