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Faculty Member


Indra N. Basu Mallick



Area of Specialisation
Physical Chemistry (Electro-Chemistry)

Date of Birth 28th February 1949
Year Degree College/University
1969 B.Sc. (Hons.) Burdwan University
1971 M.Sc. Burdwan University
1979 Ph.D. Jadavpur University
Research Projects
Research projects on Solution Chemistry and applied electro-chemistry sponsored by UGC (1), MNES (2), DST (1), DST [WB] (2), ISRO (1), MHRD(1), have been completed / ongoing.
Teaching Experience
23 years in Visva-Bharati
3 years in a College
Other Academic Distinctions
Published 62 papers in reputed international journals, have one patent (Indian) on Dry Cell battery, Supervised Ph.D. programmes of 11 students. Visited USA, UK, Switzerland, Bulgeria under different short-term programmes.