Faculty Member


Sandip Basu Sarbadhikary
Professor of History



Areas of Specialisation

South East Asia with particular reference to popular movements in Burma and Maritime trade

Date of Birth 8 January 1959
Year Degree College/University
1978 B.A. Honours Visva- Bharati
1980 M.A. Visva-Bharati
2000 Ph.D Visva-Bharati
Research Projects
Acted jointly as co-investigator with Prof. Suchibrata Sen, the principal investigator in UGC Research Project (Major) on “Birbhum: A Regional Study of Health, Medicine and Ecology under Colonial Rule. Eight articles in various reputed journals.
Teaching Experience
12 years in Visva-Bharati
8 years in Non-government & Government Colleges
18 years in Burdwan university as part time Lecturer in History
Awarded university merit scholarship as well as National merit scholarship both in U.G. and P.G. level.