Faculty Member

Dr. (Ms.) Tanuka Das
Associate Professor
in English


Date of Birth 22.06.1956

Contact Address:
Department of English & Other Modern European Languages,
Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan 731235

“NABANEER” - Flat ‘H’, Ratanpally (Daily Bread Road),
Santiniketan 731235, Dist – Birbhum, W.B.

e-mail: tdas01@ rediffmail.com
Landline no.: (03463)-262770(03463)-262770
Mobile phone no.: 94344318049434431804

Educational Qualification:

Year Degree College/University
1975 B.A in English Visva-Bharati
1979 M.A. in English Visva-Bharati
2003 Ph.D. in English (The title of the thesis: “The English Voice of W.H.Auden”). Visva-Bharati

1. Awarded a Certificate of Merit in lieu of the monetary National scholarship by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India in recognition of the performance in the H.S. examination in 1972-73.
2. Awarded a commendation letter by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for having secured the 3rd rank in merit in the all India level examination of Hindi (Bhasha-Prabodh), conducted in November 2007 by the Hindi Teaching Scheme of the Department of Official Language, New Delhi.

Teaching Experience:
1. Joined the WBES as a Lecturer in English at Durgapur Government College on 2 July 1981.
2. Joined Visva-Bharati as a Senior Lecturer in English at the Department of English & Other Modern Eurpoean Languages, Vidya-Bhavana on 2 November 1990.
3. Joined the Open post of a Reader in English at the Department of English & Other Modern European Languages, Bhasha-Bhavana on 4 December 2005, and continuing till date.

Research Areas:
Twentieth century English literature, with special interest in Poetry; Indian Writings in English, Rabindranath Tagore.

Areas of Further Academic Interest:
Other English literatures, American English literature, Comparative studies between regional Indian literatures and English/American English literatures, Postcolonial studies, Shakespeare.

Representative Publications:
1. An article entitled “An Encounter with Two Poems of ‘Presence’ ” - a study of Shakespearean sonnets, in Shakespeare Yearly Souvenir 2004, pub. by Sri Aurobindo Study Centre, Santiniketan 731235.
2. An article entitled ‘Yeats’s poem “A Prayer for My Daughter”: A Study in Empowerment’ in The Visva-Bharati Quarterly, New Series Volume 12 Numbers 1&2: April 2003-September 2003 (pub. in August 2005).
3. An article on the German translations of Buddhadeb Basu with special emphasis on the two poets Rilke & Holderlin, in the special number of the little magazine “Antarbaha” commemorating the Centenary year of the Bengali litterateur Buddhadeb Basu in August 2008.
4. An article entitled “Glimpses of Auden’s Postmodernism: A Tale of Two Lullabies” , in The Atlantic Critical Review Quarterly, Volume 7 Number 2: April-June 2008. ISSN 0972-6373.
5. An article on the parallels between Tagore’s thoughts on education and the ideas & thoughts of some Western educationists and thinkers, accepted for publication in “Birbhumi Birbhum”, Volume 5, a Govt. of West Bengal Publication.
6. An article entitled ‘Partition and Women: a study of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s story “Lajwanti” ’, accepted for Publication in the September issue of Labyrinth, the Bi- Annual Literary Journal of Postmodernism. ISSN 0976-0814.
7. An article entitled “The Saga of Non-heroes: a study of Kamleshwar’s story on Partition”, accepted for publication in the June issue of an international journal on literature, culture and media studies, with special emphasis on South Asian literature.
8. An article entitled “The Making of The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, accepted in December 2009 for publication in one of the forthcoming issues of The Atlantic Critical Review. ISSN 0972-6373.

Other Academic Work:
Two research projects, on (a) “Rabindranath and Education” and (b) “Rabindranath Tagore’s Songs” currently undertaken under the DRS scheme of the DEOMEL.

Other Interests / Activities:
1. Performance of songs, recitals
2. Involvement in Activities of Social Welfare
3. Creative Writing


  1. The Voice of the English Auden. New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd, August 2012. ISBN 978-81-7625-834-0

Papers in Journals

  1. An article having the title ‘Partition and Women: A Study of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s story “Lajwanti” ’, published in the September 2010 issue of Labyrinth, the Bi-Annual Literary Journal of Postmodernism.ISSN 0976-0814.
  2.  “Legitimization of Oneself by a Harami: A Study of Mariam in Khaled Hosseini's novel A Thousand Splendid Suns”, published in the April 2012 issue of Labyrinth, the Quarterly Literary Journal of Postmodernism. ISSN 0976-0814.
  3. “Setting Linguistic Patterns from the Periphery: A Study of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Three Stories”, published in volume 11 Number 2 (April-June 2012) of The Atlantic Critical Review. ISSN 0972-6373. Pp. 33-45.
  4. “Portia’s Journey from the Margin to the Centre in Shakespeare’s Play The Merchant of Venice” in Labyrinth .Vol.4/No.2-April 2013. ISSN 0976-0814. 38-45.

Chapters in Books

  1. “The Role of Rabindranath’s Educational thoughts and the Western Modes of Education in the Shaping of Santiniketan: a Study of Two Parallel Streams”. Part II, Chapter 8, 129-150. Rabindranather Santiniketan O Sriniketan [The Santiniketan and Sriniketan of Rabindranath Tagore], Vol.5 of the “Birbhumi Birbhum” Series; Kolkata: Dip Prakashan, under the aegis of the SDO, Bolpur, Government of West Bengal, 2010.
  2. “The Saga of Non-heroes: a study of Kamleshwar’s story on Partition”, in South Asian Literature: Criticism and Poetry. New Delhi: GNOSIS, 2011. ISBN 978-81-7273-600-2. 139-149.
  3.  “Towards a more livable World: A study of W. H. Auden’s English (1927-1938) poetry”, in  Democracy, Civil Society and Good Governance.Dhaka: International Congress of Social Philosophy (ICSP), 2011. ISBN 978-984-33-3988-1. 289-296.
  4.  “Devising her Own Language for Her Feminine Experience: a Study of Sylvia Plath’s four Poems”, Writing Resistance: Beads Of Thoughts On Women Jaipur: Mark Publishers. ISBN 978-93-82159-07-0.169-179.
  5. “The ‘Spiritual’ Yeats in the Byzantium Poems”, Transcendence and Immanence in works of Select Poets in English. New Delhi: ACCESS. ISBN 978-93-82647-04-1. 334-347.