Faculty Member

Debotosh Sinha

Social Work

Date of Birth   24.08.1963
Date of Joining 31.12.2009

Office: Department of Social Work, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan-731236, Dist-Birbhum, West Bengal. 
Residence: Andrews Palli (West); Santiniketan-731235, Dist-Birbhum, West Bengal 
Phone Numbers and E-mail: 
(M) 09434083575, (L) 03463-264-116, 03463-264-777 
E-mail- sinha.debotosh@gmail.com 

Ph.D., Visva Bharati, 1998 
PGDPMIR, Bhartya Vidya Bhavan, 1991 
M-Phil University of Delhi 1991 
M.S.W, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, 1989 
B.S.W (Hons.), Visva Bharati, 1987 
HSC, West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education, 1982 
SSC, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, 1980

• Lecturer in National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar, affiliated to Utkal University (1990-1991) in the UGC pay scale. 
• Lecturer in the Department of Social Work (1991-1994), University of Delhi, in the UGC pay scale. 
• Teaching in the Department of Social Work, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan since 1994 till to date.

• Acting Head, Department of Social Work, Visva-Bharati University on several occasions. 
• Associate Dean, School of Social Sciences from (2007-2009).

• The thesis on “ Impact of Female Work Participation: A Study of Agricultural Labourer Households in the Villages of Birbhum District of West Bengal” was submitted for the degree of Master of Social Work. 
• The thesis on “A Study on the Managements’ Perception regarding the role of Social Worker in Industry” was submitted fir the degree of Master of Philosophy in Social Work, 1991. 
• The thesis on “ A Study on the Training and Management Development Practices in Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO)" was submitted for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Work,1997. 
• Coordinated two field action projects on (1) Use of Renewable Energy and (2) Functioning of Working Women Hostel sponsored by the Orissa State Social Welfare Board in 1992.
• A project entitled “Restoration of Children from Marginalized Families through Innovative Interventional Course of Action” sponsored by Child Relief and You (CRY); a national level NGO (Non Governmental Organization) working in the field of Child Right (on-going; the project is for five years duration, 2005-2010). 

• Workshop on “ Helping the spastic children” organized by the Spastic Society of India, held at the Department of Social Work, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan in January 1985. 
• Seminar on “The Role, Scope and Limitations of Social Work Profession in Industry”, organized by the Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF), Bombay in March 1989. 
• Attended National Consultation Meet on the “Juvenile Justice System and the Rights of the Child,” in Delhi, January 1999, organized by the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development. 
• Paper presented entitled Infertility, Adoption, and Reproductive Technologies-Challenges Before the social Work Profession in 5th International Conference on Social Work in Heath and Mental Health; Hong Kong from October 10-14, 2006. 
• Paper presented entitled “Primary Education and School Drop Out in India: Concern and Challenges for Social Work Profession” in the International Conference on “Social Work 2007-Social Change and Social Profession; Italy (Parma), March 15-17, 2007. 
• Paper presented entitled “Self-Help Group- A vehicle for women empowerment” in the Department of Social Work; National University of Singapore, Singapore (April, 16-19, 2007). 
• Paper presented entitled “Voluntarism, Human Rights and Globalization- A Synergy and Implications for Social Work Practice” under the Session on “Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Common People’s Rights” as a part of the 16th Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) on the overall theme “HUNANITY, DEVELOPMENT AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY” held in Kunming City of Republic of China during the period from July 27 to 31, 2009. 

• “Corporate Social Responsibility”; Journal of Workers Education, September 1997. 
• “Social Work in Business and Industry- challenges for the 21st century”; Perspectives in Social Work , vol. XIII, No.1. January- April 1998. 
• “Combating the problems of older workers in industries- implications for social workers”; Contemporary Social Work, March 1998. 
• “Employee Counselling- changing perspective”; Journal of Personnel Today, April 1999. 
• “Problems and Prospects of Genetic Counselling in Medical Profession”, Journal of Family Welfare, December 1998.
• “Conflict Management”; Journal of Workers Education, December 1999. 
• “ Future Dimensions of Social Work in Industry”, in Social Work in the Third Millennium- some Concerns and Challenges, edited by Sherry Joseph published by the Department of Social Work, Visva Bharati University, July 2000. 
• “Globalization and social work as a profession: A synergy and implications” Perspectives in Social Work, Vol. XXIII, No. 3, December, 2008. 
• “Current Trends in Child Labour (A Study of Beedi Industry in Bharatpur-II Block of Murshidabad District of West Bengal)”; Journal of Workers Education (in press). 
• “Tagore and Rural Reconstruction-A Synergy and Implications for Modern Social Work Practice”; Muse India the literary ejournal; http://www.museindia.com/ 
• “Best practices of the Organization towards building an enlightened community through education – the experiment of Ramakrishna Mission”; Journal of Workers Education (in press). 
• “Adult Oncology: Implications for Social Work practice with Cancer Patient”; Journal of Social Work and Social Development (ISSN 2229-6468); Vol. 01, No 02, December, 2010 

• Aspects of Industry and Occupational Social Work; Abhijit Publishers, New Delhi, 2006. 
• Child Welfare and Rights- Problems and Prospects; El Alma Publications, Kolkata ,2010 
• Social Welfare & Social Work-Selected Essays; Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2012. 

• Received “National Merit Scholarship” awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. 
• Awarded “M.M. Desai Scholarship” from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai for good dissertation work. 
• Received National Research Foundation Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education, Government of South Africa for collaborative research work (Centre for Social Work, University of Natal; May-June, 2002).

• Visited as teaching faculty in the International School of Social Sciences, Finland in 2000. 
• Visited as teaching faculty in the Department of Social Work and Department of Medical Social Work in the University Hospital, University of Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. 
• Visited as a teaching and an international research fellow in the Centre for Social Work, University of Natal, South Africa on National Research Foundation Scholarship granted by the Government of South Africa in May-June, 2002. 
• Visiting faculty at the School of Social Work, University of Glasgow, Scotland in December, 2009.

• Completed - 3, Continued - 3

• Life member of Delhi School of Social Work Society, Delhi. 
• Life member of the Association of Schools of Social Work in India. 
• Life member of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay; University of Delhi and Visva Bharati Alumni Association. 
• Life member of the National Institute of Personnel Management, India. 
• Member of Executive Committee of the Visva Bharati Teachers Association.

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