Nippon Bhavana is the centre for fostering Indo-Japanese relations, contact and exchange as per the desire of the donors (The Establishment Committee of Nippon-Bhavana of Visva-Bharati in Japan). It is an independent centre, and not placed under any Bhavana of Visva-Bharati. However it is multi-disciplinary in nature and has an area of shared interest with all the faculties of Visva-Bharati. At present the Department of Japanese Studies which is under Vidya-Bhavana is housed at Nippon Bhavana.

It has a library of its own consisting of books, mostly in Japanese, but also in English and other languages. The books are on and about Japanese life and different aspects of Japanese culture, Indo-Japanese relation etc. The library is meant for scholars of Visva-Bharati and other Universities and Institutions, interested in Japan and Japanese culture. Japan Foundation makes a regular contribution of books.

Nippon Bhavana, in collaboration with Japan Foundation, invites Visiting Scholars, Artists, Scientists etc, from Japan, arranges seminars and symposia on Japanese culture and Indo-Japanese cultural relations, arranges Indo-Japanese cultural functions, sends academic and cultural tours to Japan and receives academic and cultural troupes from Japan, organises Indo-Japanese festivals. To look after all these activities, there is an Advisory Body (consisting of 20 members at present) with the Vice-Chancellor as chairman and Coordinator as convener.

Future Plan

The aim of the Bhavana is to build up a research centre with a well-equipped rich library in order to live up to the requirements of the scholars of Visva-Bharati and other Indian Universities and also from abroad, interested in Japanese life and culture, and in Indo-Japanese relationship. Thus Nippon-Bhavana will help Visva-Bharati enrich its international character and strengthen the cultural bond between Japan and India.