PATHA-BHAVANA: Institute of Primary & Secondary Education


Sri. Abhijit Sengupta (Acting)


Visva-Bharati is unique in the way that the idea of this university grew out of a school 'Ashram Vidyalaya' founded by Tagore. This school is the manifestation of Tagore's ideas of education and is the bed-rock of Visva-Bharati. The Asram Vidyalaya founded in 1901, is now named Patha Bhavana.

Patha-Bhavana is partly a residential co-educational school for elementary and secondary education, preparing students for the School Certificate Examination of Visva-Bharati. Its unique features are open-air classes, personal contact between teachers and the taught, training in self-government. Besides curricular performance emphasis is given on co-curricular activities aiming to unfold a child's personality through social, literary, artistic, musical and various other activities.

In planning and execution of these varied aspects of co-curricular activities, Asrama Sammilani, a student council plays a vital role. There are several wings of the Asram Sammilani and in each wing a teacher acts as an Adviser/Guide. All these activities like weekly Sahitya Sabha, Dan Sangraha, Gram Paridarshan, Vana Bhojana (Annual Picnic), Excursion etc. are conducted with enthusiasm.