Director: Professor Sudip Basu
Visva-Bharati, the University of Rabindranath Tagore is well known as the Centre of dissipating the idea of oneness to the whole world. Keeping in tune with this idea, Indira Gandhi Centre is built up on 5th December, 1985, at Visva-Bharati. It is believed here that irrespective of caste class or nation, everybody will enjoy the same hospitality and communion between people will always be class less.  
The Major activities of the Centre are studies and research, dissemination and propagation of the themes integration, training of teachers, youth leaders, administrators and others in regard to integration, collaboration with other national and international bodies and institutions whose activities are conducive to the promotion of theme of unity & brotherhood.
Among the thrust areas, the theme of Indira Gandhi Centre is the synthesis of Indian spiritual, philosophical and ethical thoughts. Special emphasis is given on the development and assimilation of Indian people & culture, Indian aesthetics and Indian art architecture, music and dance drama, which illuminate the spirit of unity in India.
Future Plan
Major item would be to organize research on the various socio-cultural issues that hinders national integration. A continuous study by the Centre and /or in collaboration with others is to be sustained. The Centre desires to organize a strong cultural troupe to disseminate sense of unity through-out India.