Bhasha-Bhavana (Institute of Languages, Literature & Culture)

Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan – 731235
West Bengal, INDIA
Centre for Modern European Languages, Literatures and Culture Studies (CMELLCS) was created in 2014 keeping in mind Rabindranath Tagore’s internationalist vision: Yatra Visvam Bhavatyekanidam (Where the world makes a home in a single nest). The aim of CMELLCS is to promote an understanding of European civilization and its diverse impact on the world through the study of its languages, literatures and cultures, and through translation. The four modern European languages currently offered for study under CMELLCS are French, German, Italian and Russian.
Until 2014 French, German, Italian, Russian were offered as part-time evening courses viz. as Certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma courses by the respective language units under Department of English & Other Modern European Languages (DEOMEL) since countless decades.
Scholars from France, Germany, Italy & Russia as well as other European countries regularly visited Visva-Bharati since 1921 for various scholarly pursuits. Teaching of French and German began in 1921 in the year of official inauguration of Visva-Bharati. Italian was introduced in 1979 and Russian in 1980.
CMELLCS has introduced B.A (Hons.) programme in 2014 & M.A in 2017. CBCS system has already being implemented in all UG programmes since 2017. At present, Ph.D. programme is being offered to students of French and Italian. Subsequently Ph.D. in Russian and German will be also offered in the near future.
The composition of CMELLCS of the faculty team is as under:
Coordinator of CMELLCS & Professor of French
Professor of Italian
Associate Professor of German
Assistant Professor of Russian
Assistant Professor of French
Assistant Professor of German
Assistant Professor of Russian
Current Programmes conducted by CMELLCS
Full time
o   B.A. (Hons.) in French / German / Italian / Russian
o   M.A. in French / German / Italian / Russian
o   Ph.D. in French / Italian
Part time
o   Certificate of Proficiency (2-year) in French / German / Italian / Russian
o   Diploma (1-year) in French / German / Italian / Russian
o   Advanced Diploma in Italian / Russian


o   French / German / Italian / Russian as an optional course at the undergraduate level