(Department of Adult, Continuing Education & Extension)

The Department of Rural Extension Centre (REC) is one of the oldest departments under Palli Samgathana Vibhaga, Visva-Bharati. It has been actively engaged in improving the condition of the villagers since its inception. Over the years the Centre has been giving emphasis on extension work. The idea is to encourage the villagers to become self-reliant through formation of Village Development Societies, Self-help Groups, Brati Organisations, Mohila Samities and the like.

In the course of time the Centre went under a varied change as a result of which all sorts of extension work including the programme of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension were brought under a single umbrella and subsequently developed as a non-vacational academic department.

Development of Village Societies

The area of operation of the department is now spread over 43 villages under 8 Gram Panchayats in 2 Blocks of Bolpur-Sriniketan and Illambazar. 39 Village Development Societies (VDS) are formed and motivated to organise the reconstruction activities of the department in the villages. For the purpose of proper monitoring and effective supervision of the programmes and activities, different sub-committees have been constituted at the village level.

Development of Mohila Samities

Women play an equal role in the economic and social welfare of the community. In rural society, which is very complex, no particular activity is specified to be performed either by men and women exclusively. Both men and women perform complementary and multiple roles to improve the welfare of the community. From this point of view and for effective implementation of the programmes, 5 Mohila Samities are formed in the five villages of R.E.C. In connection with women empowerment awareness training programmes are conducted with active support of the Mohila Samities.

Self Help Group

In the context of women empowerment and community development, a special programme of Self Help Group (SHG) has been taken up by the department. The objectives of the programme are to grow among the villagers habits of savings, to generate self-employment, to develop the spirit of cooperation and to make them self-reliant.

Brati Organisation

The children of 6 to 14 years of age group of rural boys and girls in the command area villages have been brought under this programme in order to develop the spirit of community services, to Undertake physical exercise, to develop active leadership, to make them aware of natural equilibrium, environmental pollution and to take part in recreational activities.

Rural Library and Mobile Library Services

There are 35 rural libraries in 35 villages run by the village development societies, and one mobile library to cater the needs of the villages where library facility is lacking.


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