Pratima Devi (1893-1969)

Pratima was the daughter of Binayini Devi, sister of Gaganendranath and Abanindranath Tagore. Brought up in a family of artists, Pratima developed a keen aesthetic sense. If as a child she imbibed artistic qualities from her family; as the daughter-in-law she developed her mental and spiritual faculties with guidance from Rabindranath. He personally looked after her education, recommending books for her to read. His letters to the young bride show how anxious he was that her personality should outgrow the narrow mould in which women were kept.

Pratima was one of the first students of the Vicitra club and studio. She learnt painting from Nandalal Bose and this interest in art remained with her till the end. Accompanying Rabindranath and her husband she had traveled to many distant places. She would try and learn a new craft wherever she went and would incorporate these into the curriculum at Silpa Sadan.

She assisted Rabindranath in the production of dance-dramas and plays. She was always consulted when a stage was being designed for a performance.