Rathindranath Tagore (1888-1961)

Rathindranath was not only one of the first five boys of the Santiniketan Brahmacharyasrama, he was also one of the reasons for its existence. Rathindranath was the most representative product of Rabindranath's educational ideal. After his matriculation, Rathindranath was sent to Illinois to study Agricultural Science. He spent the next four decades of his life serving Santiniketan and Visva-Bharati.

At Santiniketan, he taught genetics to the students and he had been praised for making such a technical subject interesting for the layperson. Apart from teaching he worked mostly behind-the-scenes, organising, trying to find newer and better methods to implement ideas. At different times he had been the Karma-Saciva, teacher, Santiniketan-Saciva, in charge of Sriniketan and fifty years after his joining the Brahmacharyasram, when Visva-Bharati became a Central University, he became its first Upacharya.

Without his active patronage, the Tagore memorial and archives perhaps could never have come into existence. He made over his heirloom to Visva-Bharati and a part of his income to Rabindra Bharati.