Ajitkumar Chakravarty (1886-1918)

A friend of Satischandra Roy, Ajitkumar Chakravarty was a graduate from General Assembly's Institution. He was an ardent admirer of Rabindranath and his literary works and wanted to join the Brahmacharyasrama along with Satischandra, but due to pressure from his family, he had to complete his graduation first. He joined the school in the summer of 1904.

He had a keen perception of literature and was able to impart some of this interest into his students. Through his teaching, through music, literature and dramatics he was able to rouse the minds of children. He participated in the literary meetings (Sahitya Sabha) which were held regularly and discussed with the students the merits and flaws of each essay read out that day. He was able to improve the standard of writing immensely as the handwritten periodicals of that time will testify. Along with Dinendranath Tagore, Ajitkumar also taught music, mainly songs composed by Rabindranath.