Bhupendranath Sanyal (1877-1962)

Although Rabindranath started his school based on the ideal of the ancient hermitage schools, his creativity did not allow him to adhere to these lines. Bhupendranath Sanyal was one of those teachers who preferred the older ideal. Before coming to Santiniketan, he ran a store for Swadesi goods. Once on a personal visit to Santiniketan, he met Rabindranath who had already heard about this upright man full of idealism. Rabindranath requested him to join the school and in 1903, just after the Autumn break, Bhupendranath joined the school.

He was a loving teacher and took care of the children. He would nurse a sick child so tenderly that those looked after by him, remembered him for it. When Mohit Sen had to leave the asrama due to ill-health, Rabindranath asked Bhupendranath to take charge as Adhyaksha.

Bhupendranath was in Santiniketan for about 7 years after which he left to start his own Brahmavidyalaya in Mandar, near Bhagalpur, because he could not accept the changes being introduced into this school. Later in life, he took to Yoga and became a Yogacharya.