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Faculty Member

Dulal Pal


Areas of Specialisation
Applied Mathematics

Fluid Mechanics



Numerical Analysis

Atmospheric Science

Date of Birth 14th June 1956
Date of Joining 06.12.1999
Year Degree College/University
1977 B.Sc. Osmania University, Hyderabad
1980 M.Sc. Bangalore University
1982 M.Phil Bangalore University
1986 Ph.D. Bangalore University
Research Projects
 Dispersion and Flows through the Channel with Poro-elastic boundaries (Co-investigator of the Project - DST, New Delhi during  1994 - 1997)
Mathematical Modelling of some aspects of Air Pollution (Co-investigator of the Project - DST, New Delhi during 1995 - 1998)
All-time analyses of Solute Dispersion in a Plane Poiseuille flow through a Channel with Solvent Permeable Boundaries, Recent Advances in Fluid Dynamics, Gorden & Breach publications, (U.K.), 1998 jointly with P. G. Siddheshwar).
Effect of Chemical Reaction on the Dispersion of a Solute in a Porous medium, Applied Mathematical Modelling  Journal, London (U.K.), vol. 23, 557-566,1999.
Numerical Time-Dependent Model for the Dispersion of Pollutants from a Point Source, International journal of  Environmental Studies, 1999 (in press)(jointly with N. Rudraiah).
On Numerical Model of Acidification of Raindrops by Oxidation of Sulfur dioxide, International journal of Environmental Studies, vol. 57, pp. 167-177,2000.
Teaching Experience
3 years in Visva-Bharati
7 years in Gulbarga University, Karnataka
Awarded DAAD (German) fellowship (Indo - German Cultural Exchange Programme) to do collaborative Research work at Technical University of Munich, Germany in 1995
Other Academic Distinction
Research Associate (DST Project) : 1987 - 1988 at Jadavpur University, Calcutta
CSIR Research Associate : 1988 -1993 worked at Jadavpur University, Calcutta