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Gitanjali (Song  Offerings). London, The India Society, 1912.
(Prose translations by the author of a selection of poems from Gitanjali, Naivedya, Kheya, Gitimalya, etc.)

Glimpses of  Bengal Life. Madras, G. A. Natesan, 1913. Stories.
 (Translated by Rajani Ranjan Sen.)

The Gardener. London, Macmillan & Co., [October] 1913. Poems.
(Prose translations by the author of a selection of poems from Kshanika, Kalpana, Sonar Tari, etc.)

Sadhana. London, Macmillan & Co., [October] 1913. Essays and lectures delivered in the United States.

The Crescent Moon. London, Macmillan & Co., 1913. Child-poems.
(Translations by the author of poems mostly from Sisu.)

Chitra London, The India Society, 1913. Drama
(A translation by the author of Chitrangada.)

The King of the Dark Chamber.London, Macmillan &Co., 1914. Drama.
(A translation by K. C. Sen of Raja. The translation is erroneously attributed to the author in the title-page.)

One Hundred Poems of Kabir. London. The India Society, 1914.
(Translated by Rabindranath Tagore.)

The Post Office. Dublin, The Cuala Press, [July] 1914. Drama.
(A translation by Devabrata Mukhopadhyaya of Dakghar.)

Fruit-Gathering. London, Macmillan & Co., [October] 1916. Poems.
(Translations of a selection of poems from Gitimalya, Gitali, Balaka, etc. Fruit-Gathering
was issued together with Gitanjali under the title Gitanjali and Fruit-Gathering by
Macmillan, New York, in September 1918, with illustrations by Nandalal Bose,
Surendra- nath Kar, Abanindranath Tagore and Nabendranath Tagore.)

The Hungry Stones and Other Stories. London, Macmillan & Co., 1916. Stories.

Stray Birds. New York, Macmillan, 1916. Epigrams.

My Reminiscences. London, Macmillan & Co., 1917. Autobiography.
(A translation of Jivansmriti by Surendranath Tagore.)

Sacrifice and Other Plays. London, Macmillan & Co., 1917.

The Cycle of Spring. London, Macmillan & Co., 1917. Drama.
(A translation of Phalguni.)

Nationalism. London, Macmillan & Co., 1917.
(Lectures delivered in Japan and the United States,
followed by 'The Sunset of the Century',
a poem adapted from some poems of Naivedya.)

Personality. London, Macmillan & Co., 1917.
Lectures delivered in the United States.

Lover's Gift and Crossing. London, Macmillan & Co., 1918.
(Translations of a selection of poems and songs from Balaka, Kshanika,Kheya, etc.)

Mashi and Other Stories. London, Macmillan & Co., 1918.

Stories from Tagore. Calcutta, Macmillan & Co., 1918.

The Parrot's Training. Calcutta, Thacker Spink, 1918. Allegorical Satire.
(A translation of Tota-Kahini, Lipika, by the author.
A new edition of the book issued under the title The Parrot's Training and Other Stories,
Visva-Bharati, October 1944, includes some other satires and fantasies.)

The Home and the World. London, Macmillan & Co., 1919, Novel.
(A translation by Surendranath Tagore of Ghare-Baire.)

The Fugitive. Santiniketan, Santiniketan Press, 1919 (?). Poems.
(A selection of poems from various books.
This is not identical with The Fugitive, 1921, and was for private circulation.)

Greater India. Madras, S. Ganesan, 1921. Essays.

The Wreck. London, Macmillan & Co., 1921. Novel.
(A translation of .Naukadubi. )

Glimpses of Bengal. London, Macmillan & Co., 1921. Letters.
(Translations by Surendranath Tagore of a selection from Chhinnapatra.)

The Fugitive. London, Macmillan & Co., 1921. Poems and songs.
(Translations of poems and songs from Manasi, Sonar Tari, Gitimalya, etc.,
and sketches from Lipika. It also includes translations of several dramatic pieces.)

Thought Relics. New York, Macmillan, March 1921.
(Translations by the author of select prose pieces from his Bengali writings.
A new and enlarged edition of the book, edited by C. F. Andrews, was published by
Macmillan & Co., London, in 1929, under the title Thoughts from Tagore.)

Creative Unity. London, Macmillan & Co., 1922. Essays and lectures.

Poems from Tagore. Calcutta, Macmillan & Co., 1922.
An anthology of poems and songs with an introduction by C. F. Andrews.

The Visvabharati. By Rabindranath and C. F. Andrews. Madras, Natesan, April 1923. Essays.

Letters from Abroad. Madras, S. Ganesan, 1924. Letters.
 (Letters to C. F. Andrews, May 1920 to July 1921.) .

Gora. London, Macmillan & Co., 1924. Novel.
(A translation by W. W. Pearson of Gora.)

The Curse at Farewell. London, G. Harrap, 1924. Drama.
(A translation by Edward Thompson of Viday-Abhisap.)

The Augustan Book of Modern Poetry: Rabindranath Tagore. London, Ernest Benn, 1925.
(Translations by Edward Thompson of 21 poems and 12 epigrams.)

Talks in China. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, February 1925. Lectures.

Red Oleanders. London, Macmillan & Co., 1925. Drama.
(A translation of Raktakarabi.)

Broken Ties and Other Stories. London, Macmillan & Co., 1925.

Lectures and Addresses. London, Macmillan & Co., 1928.
(Compiled by Anthony X. Soares.)

Fireflies. New York, Macmillan, 1928. Epigrams.

Letters to a Friend. London. Allen & Unwin, 1928. Letters to C. F. Andrews, 1913-22.
(Revised and enlarged edition of Letters from Abroad (1924) consisting of letters written during 1920-21.)

The Tagore Birthday Book. London, Macmillan & Co., 1928.
(Edited by C. F. Andrews.)

Fifteen Poems of Rabindranath Tagore. Bombay, K. C. Sen, 1928.
(Translations, in verse, by Kshitischandra Sen, of 15 poems from Balaka. For private circulation.)

Sheaves. Allahabad, Indian Press, 1929. Poems and songs.
(Selected  and translated by Nagendranath Gupta.)

The Child. London, Allen & Unwin, 1931. Poem.
(This long poem was originally written in English.
The Bengali version, Sisutirtha, Punascha, was written later.)

The Religion of Man. London, Allen & Unwin, 1931. Lectures.
(The Appendices include, among other things, a conversation
between Tagore and Einstein on the Nature of Reality.)

The Golden Boat. London, Allen & Unwin, 1932.
(Contains translations by Bhabani Bhattacharya of pieces from Lipika, and of a
selection of poems.)

Mahatmaji and the Depressed Humanity. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, December 1932. Lectures.

East and West. Paris, International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation,
League of Nations, 1935.
Two open letters exchanged between Gilbert Murray and Rabiridranath Tagore.

Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore. London, Macmillan & Co., 1936.

Man. Waltair, Andhra University, 1937.
Lectures delivered at the Andhra University.

My Boyhood Days. Santiniketan, Visva-Bharati, 1940. Autobiography.
(A translation by Marjorie Sykes of Chhelebela.)

Crisis in Civilization. Santiniketan, Visva-Bharati, 1941.
(A translation of Sabhyatar Samkat, an Address delivered on his completing eighty years.
Translated by Kshitis Roy and revised by Krishna Kripalani and the author.
Published after the death of the author.)

Poems. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, 1942.
(Translations are by the author, with the exception of the last nine poems,
which are translated by Amiya Chakravarty. The poems cover all the major divisions in the
poet's writings from 1886 to 1941. References to the original Bengali composition
are given in the Notes at the end. Edited by Krishna Kripalani in collaboration
with Amiya Chakravarty, Nirmalchandra Chattopadhyaya and Pulinbihari Sen.)

Two Sisters. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, 1945. Novel.
(A translation by Krishna Kripalani of Dui Bon.)

Your Tagore for Today. Bombay, Peoples Publishing House, September 1945.
(Edited by Hirankumar Sanyal. Selections translated by Hirendranath Mukherjee.)

Farewell, My Friend. London, The New India Publishing Company, 1946. Novel.
 (A translation of Sesher Kavita by Krishna Kripalani. A new edition of the book, issued under the title Farewell My Friend and The Garden, Bombay, Jaico Publishing House, August 1956, includes a translation of the novel Malancha (The Garden) also by Krishna Kripalani.) .

Three Plays. Bombay, Oxford University Press, 1950.
(Muktadhara, Natir Pjla and Chandalika. Translated by Marjorie Sykes.)

Four Chapters. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, September 1950. Novel.
(A translation by Surendranath Tagore of Char Adhyaya.)

A Tagore Testament. London, Meridian Books, 1953. Autobiographical essays.
(Translations by Indu Dutt of essays included in Atma- parichay, together with some poems selected by the translator to introduce the essays.)

A Flight of Swans. London, John Murray, 1955. Poems.
(Translations by Aurobindo Bose of poems from Balaka and one poem from Gitanjali.)

Syamali. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, September 1955. Poems.
(A translation of Syamali. Translations are by Sheila Chatterji, with the exception of  The Eternal March, translated by the author.)

The Herald of Spring, London, John Murray, 1957. Poems.
(Translations by Aurobindo Bose of poems from Mahua.)  

Our Universe. London, Meridian Books, 1958. A Science Primer.
(A translation by Indu Dutt of Visva-Parichay, with some poems  included by the translator to introduce the chapters.)

Binodini. New Delhi, Sahitya Akademi, March 1959. Novel.
(A translation by Krishna Kripalani of Chokher Bali.)

The Runaway and Other Stories. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, 1959.

Wings of Death. London, John Murray, 1960. Poems.
(Translations by Aurobindo Bose of poems from Prantik, Rogasajyay, Arogya and Sesh Lekha.)

Poems from Puravi. Santiniketan, Uma Roy, 8 May 1960.
(Translations by Kshitis Roy of six poems from Puravi and a poem from Sesh Lekha. For private circulation.)

Letters from Russia. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, September 1960.
(A translation by Sasadhar Sinha of Russiar Chithi.)

Natir Puja (The Court Dancer). Calcutta, Writers Workshop, 1961. Drama.
(Translation by Syamasree Devi of Natir Puja. For private circulation.)

A Tagore Reader. New York. Macmillan & Co., [April] 1961.
(An  anthology, edited by Amiya Chakravarty, published in observance of the centennial of Tagore's birthday.)

 A Visit to Japan. New York, East West Institute, May 1961. Travel.
 (A translation by Shakuntala Rao Sastri of Japan-Yatri.)

Devouring Love. New York, East West Institute, May 1961. Drama.
(A translation by Shakuntala Rao Sastri of Raja O Rani.)

Towards Universal Man. Bombay, Asia Publishing House, 7 May 1961.  Essays.
(A selection of essays on social, economic, political and  educational topics to indicate Tagore's contributions in those fields, prepared by the Tagore Commemorative Volume Society, New Delhi, on the occasion of the Centenary of Tagore's birth.  Translated by various writers and edited by Bhabani Bhattacharya. Introduction by Humayun Kabir.)

Tagore and Man. Calcutta, Tagore Centenary Peace Festival All India Committee, November 1961.

The Wayfaring Poet. Calcutta, Dunlop, December 1961.
(An anthology with the theme of Tagore as a traveler.)

Rabindranath Tagore, Pioneer in Education. London, John Murray, 1961.
Essays and exchanges between Rabindranath Tagore and L. K. Elmhirst.

Truth Called them Differently. Rabindranath and Mahatma Gandhi,  Ahmedabad, Navajiban.July 1961.
(Some Essays, discourses and statements of Rabindranath Tagore are included in this book.)

A Bunch of Poems. Calcutta, Writers Workshop, [1962].
(Translations by Manika Verma of five poems from Syamali. )

Mahatma Gandhi. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, January 1963. Essays and discussion.

The Co-operative Principle. Visva-Bharati, February 1963. Essays and discussion.

Chaturanga. New Delhi, Sahitya Akademi, December 1963.
(A translation by Asoke Mitra of Chaturanga.)

Boundless Sky. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, May 1964.
(An anthology of short stories (8), essays (14), poems (49), a drama and a novel.)

Faith of a Poet. Bombay, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, August 1964.

The Housewarming and other Selected Writings. New York, The American Library, 1965.
(An anthology of short stories (19), plays (2), fables and prose sketches (6)
and narrative poems (5), edited by Amiya Chakravarty.
Translated by Mary Lago, Tarun Gupta and the editor.)

Tagore for You. Calcutta, Visva-Bharati, May 1966.
(An anthology of essays and addresses, parables, letters and poems. Edited by Sisirkumar Ghose.)

One Hundred and One. Bombay, Asia Publishing House, 1966.
(An anthology of poems edited by Humayun Kabir.)

Moon,For What do You Wait? New York, Atheneum, 1967.
(A selection  from Stray Birds. Edited by Richard Lewis.)