Faculty Member

George Pattery


Areas of Specialisation
Gandhian Philosophy; Christian Philosophy & Theology; Comparative Religion, Indian Christian Theology; culture and Religion.

Date of Birth 20th October, 1950.
Year Degree College/University
1971 B.Ph. Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
1973 Masters in Philosophy Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
1977 B.Th. Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
1980 Masters in Theology Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
1990 Doctorate in Theology Gregorian University, Rome, Italy.
Research Projects, Papers and Books

1. Satyagraha: A Holistic Way of Liberating Solidarity, Rome:Gregorian University, Rome, Italy.1990.
2. Gandhi - The Believer: An Indian Christian Perspective, Delhi:ISPCK, 1996.
1. "The Bearing of Paul on the Synodal Theme", Vidyajyoti,
9. 1982.
2. "Satyagraha Religiousness: A Dialogal Way of Liberation", Vidyajyoti, 1. 1991.
3. "On-going formation: AN on-going vicious circle?" In Christo, 2.1991.
4. "Gandhi's Contribution to Indian Missiology", Indian Missiology, 2.1992.
5. "The Gandhian attempt at reconstructing India's Past", Gandhi Spirituality, ed. A.Thottakara, Bangaloe: Dharmaram Publ, 1992.
6. "The Way of the Cross: The Way to Freedom", In Christo, 1.1993.
7. "Jesuits: International Mission and Inculturation", Discovery, 3.1993.
8. "Culture, Faith and Liberation", Indian Jouranl of Theology, 2.1993.
9. "Culture, Faith and Liberation", East Asian Pastoral Review, (Manila), 3.1993.
10. "Mimetic Desire and Sacred Violence", Vidyajyoti, 1.1994.
11. "Justice: an Inter-faith Task", Journal of Dharma, July, 1994.
12. "Bengal Mission" Dynamics of Integral Mission, ed. A.Kanjamala, Delhi: Intercultural Pub, 1995.
13. "Inter-faith Harmony: A question of Religious Quest", Shabda, Shakti, Sangam, Bangalore: TPI, 1995.
14. "Desire to Pray and Desires in Prayer", In Christo, 1.1996.
15. "Experiential Rationality: Commonality between Science and Religion", Journal of Philosophy, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, 1998.
16. "Theological Thrust of P.Johanns", Parasmoni, Santiniketan, 1998.
17. "Mahatma Gandhi and Christianity: Challenge and Possibilities" Dialogue and Universalism (Warsaw), 4.1998.
18. "Feeding the gods and starving the people", Parasmoni, Santiniketan, 1999.
19. "Gandhian Social Vision for 21st century", Jnanadepa, Jan, 1999.
20. "Wake up and Smell the future": Cultural Perspectives on 20th Century", Jeevadhara, Sept, 1999.
21. "Self-ness and the Other: Cultural Perspectives on the 20th Century", in The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, Aug, 1999.
22. "An Inquiry into the Origins of Satyagraha", in The Meaning of Mahatma for the Millennium, ed. Kuruvila Pandikattu, Maadhyam Book Services, 2000. .
23. "Pluralistic Society: A Gandhian Perspective", in Civil Society in Indian Cultures, VI. Ed. Asha Mukherjee et al, The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, 2001.
24 "Love: desire, discovery and divine" (A Christian Perspective) in Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy, Vol.12:Nos.1&2, 2002.
25 "Citizenship, Nation-State and Minority Groups: Issues and Concerns" in Parasmoni, 2002.
26 "An Enquiry into the Origins of Satyagraha and its Contemporary Relevance", in Gandhi:The Meaning of Mahatma for the Millennium, Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series IIIB, S.Asia, Vol.5 of The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, D.C.2001.
27 "Way of Jesus: Challenges and Opportunities for Us in S.Asia" in Vidyajyoti, August, 2002.
28 "Sacralization of Violence:Any Way Out?" in Jnanadeepa, July, 2002.
29 "Religious Pluralism: an Engaged Dialogal Concern", in Religions of the People of India, Ed.Sukharanjan Saha, Jadavpur University, 2003.

Teaching Experience
7 years of Teaching in Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan.
3 years of Teaching in Morning Star College ,Barrackpore, W.B.(1981-'84).
3 years: Visiting Lecturer in Morning Star College, Barrackpore, W.B.1991-'93
3 years:Visiting Lecturer: Jnandeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.( 1991-'93)
3 years:Visiting Lecturer: Vidyajyoti, Delhi.( 1991-'92 )
3 years: Associate Professor:1993-'94. Vidyajyoti, Delhi.
UGC Major Research Project Grant (1997-2000), ICPR Research Grant (1997), Travel Grant by ICPR (1997), Travel Grant by Visva Bharati (1989) Fulbright Post Doctoral Grant by CIES, Washington, (1984), UGC Fellowship, 1978-81, Departmental Graduate Fellowship (1977)
Any Other Information
A. Papers Read at Major Conferences
1. "Culture and Liberation" at the International Consultation on "Culture and Religion", EAPI, Manila, Phillipines, May, 1992.
2. "Mimetic Desire and Sacred violence" at the International Conference on Rene Girard, Wiesbaden, Germany, June, 1992.
3. "Experience and Rationality", at the second World Congress on Science and Religion, Calcutta, Jan, 1997.
4. 'Religious Pluralism: an Engaged Dialogal Concern", at the National Seminar on "Religions of India", Jadavpur University, Nov, 1998.
5. "Swami Vivekanada and Liberation" at the Centenary celebrations of Chicago Address, Calcutta, 1994.
6. "Mission and Evangelization: Urban-Industrial Concerns" a the CNI theological Consultation, Calcutta, 1996.
7. "Demythologizing and Christianity" at the UGC sponsored refresher course on "Philosophy of Religion", Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, 1996.
8. "Wounded Freedom and Non-free People" at the XX Indian Social Sciences Congress, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, '97.
9. "Issues in Religious Language" at the UGC sponsored refresher Course, Jadavpur University, 1998.
10. "Husserl and Marcel" at the UGC sponsored refresher Course in Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, 1998.
11. "Religious Experience and Problems of Expression" at the Dept of Philosophy, Rabindrabharati University, Calcutta.
12. "Problem of Evil and Questions of Revealed Religion" at the UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Calcutta University, 8th & 9th Feb, 2000.
13. "Cognitive Internalization as a general Problem in Philosophy: Husserl and Gandhi - East-West Approach" at the Einstein Days in Visva-Bharati, Shantiniketan, March 16-17th, 2000.
14. "Marxism and Religion in the Context of W.Bengal", 22nd March, 2000 at the Dept of Political Science, Calcutta University, Calcutta.
15. "New Way of being the Church" CRI & Bps Conference of Bihar, Navajyoti, Patna: Sept, 1999.
16. "The Third Millennium and the Concerns of the Church" CRI & Bishops' Conference of North-East India, Shillong: Oct, 1999.
17. Participated in the workshop on 'unconditional love' based on critical realism of Roy Bhaskar on 10th Sept, 2001 at Bali, Santiniketan.
18. "Religion and Multi-culturalism" at the UGC sponsored refresher Course, in Jadavpur University, Calcutta, in Aug, 2001.
19. Presented paper on "Religion and Multi-culturalism" at the UGC sponsored refresher Course, in Jadavpur University, Calcutta, in Aug, 2001.
20. Presented the key note address at the S.Asian Jesuit Assembly on 'Nation-State, Culture and Christianity' in Mumbai, on Oct, 22. 2001. / "Sharing and living the Good News in S. Asia today: Challenges and opportunities",
21. Participated as a resource person on the syllabus revision of the Theology Faculty' Vidyajyoti, March, 4-7th March, 2002.
22. Joint Co-ordinator of the UGC sponsored Refresher Course on 'History of Ideas' in the Dept of Philosophy & Religion, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, from 7th - 28th Nov, 2001.
23. Presented paper on the concept of 'salvation' at the seminar on Christianity organized by the 'Centre for Studies in Civilizations' at Darshan Bhawan, Tghlakabad Insitutional Area, N.Delhi from 25-27th April, 2002.
24. Presented paper on 'Radhakrishnan and Post-Orientalist Religious Studies' at Radhakrishnan Centre, Rabindra-Bharati University, Kolkata, on 5th Sept, 2002.
25. Presented a paper on "Globalization of Protest and Religious Identity" at and participated in the workshop on Globalization and Identity at the Centre for Philosophy and Value, Catholic University of America, Washington. D.C. from 21 Oct to 5th Nov, 2002.
26. Participated in the International Conference on "Globalization as seen from the Third World Perspective" at the invitation of the Bannan Centre at the Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, from 7th to 10th Oct, 2002 and chaired the session on 'Gender and Globalization" and presented the final response on the proceedings of the seminar.
27. Lectured on "Indian Concerns in Comparative Religious and Theological Studies" at the Sabbatical Programme at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, California on 13th Oct, 2002.
28. Lectured on "Religious Experience and Problems of Expression" and "The Problem of Evil in Western Philosophy of Religion" at the UGC sponsored Refresher Course on "Ethics and Philosophy of Religion" at the N. Bengal University, N. Bengal on 27th & 28th Dec, 2002.
29. Lectured on "Religious Experience and Problems of Expression" at the
UGC sponsored Fifth Three Week Refresher Course in Philosophy on 10th Feb 2003, at the UGC Academic College, University Of Burdwan.

B. Subjects Taught at the Dept. of Philosophy & Religion
Post-Graduate Level

1. Sociology of Religion: M.Weber.
2. Gandhi, Aurobindo, R.Otto, M.Buber: Special papers.
3. 'Phenomenological method' E.Husserl.
4. Comaprative Religion: Joachim Wach.

Graduate Level
1. Christianity: Gospel of Mt and Christian Doctrines.
2. Judaism: History and Principles.
3. Philosophy of Religion: J.Hick.
4. 'Thomas Aquinas'

C. Administrative Work
1. Jt. Coordinator, UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Philosophy on 'Indian Epistemology' at the Dept of Philosophy and Religion, Visva-Bharati Santiniketan, 1998-9.
2. Jt. Coordinator, UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on 'History of Idea: Plato - Foucault' at the Department of Philosophy & Religion, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, 8th-28th Nov, 2001.
3.Conducted Students' Seminar, on 'The Role of religion in Social Transformation', at the department of philosophy & Religion, VB, March, 2000.

Other co-curricular interests
Co-Directing thesis on "Man-nature relationship in the creation narratives on Judaism, Santal religion and Hinduism".
On-going study on questions related to
Culture and Religion;
Globalization and its impact on religion;
Religion and Nation-state in India.