Faculty Member

Goutam Ghosal
Professor of English


Date of Birth 1.1.53

Department of English & Other Modern European Languages,
Santiniketan 731 235
Residence: "Alapan Apartment", Block - A, Flat - 4, Bandhgora,  Bolpur - 731204
E-mail: gghosal87@gmail.com
Landline: No landline
Mobile: o-9832852705

Educational Qualification:
MA (English & Journalism), PhD., D.Litt.

Awards / Honours:
Nolini Kanta Gupta Award for 2009(Kolkata)
First Prize, Pratibha Patil Poetry Competition,2009(Amravati)

Teaching Experience:
25 years at UG and PG

Research Areas:
Sri Aurobindo’s Prose, Poetry and Drama, Tagore’s Poetry and Songs, Shakespeare’s Characters and Poetry from the point of view of Consciousness, Indian Poetry in English(Old and New school), 19th Century British and American Literature.

Representative Publications: (between 5 and 10):
1) Sri Aurobindo’s Prose Style
2) Sri Aurobindo and World Literature
3) Notes on Prayers and Meditations
4) The Rainbow Bridge: A Comparative Study Of Tagore and Sri Aurobindo
5) Indian Literature: Points of View Essays Presented to Sisirkumar Ghose(ed)
6) Magic Mirror and Other poems

Other Academic Work:
Teaching Writing

Other Interests / Activities:
Listening to Music