Indiradevi Chaudhurani (1873 - 1960)

Indiradevi was the daughter of Satyendranath Tagore, second son of Debendranath. In 1877 she went to England with her mother Jnanadanandinidevi and her brother Surendranath. When Rabindranath joined them a year later he grew close to these two children who were to be his favorites always; Indiradevi was his confidante and the chief recipient of the letters in Chhinnapatravali.

She started her training in music at an early age and excelled in both Western and Indian Classical music. She also composed some Brahmasangit and wrote the notations for many of her uncle's songs.

Following her parents' footsteps she was involved in the progress of women and participated actively in the Women's Education League. All India Women's Conference, Hiranmayee Widows' Home, Sangit Sammilan, Sangit Sangha and Alapini Mahila Samiti.

In 1941, she came to live in Santiniketan. She took charge of Sangit Bhavana and was a member of the Visva-Bharati Svaralipi Samiti. In 1946, she was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Visva-Bharati temporarily.