Ipsa Bandhyopadhyaya
Assistant Lecturer


Area of Specialisation

Date of Birth 20th April 1959
Year Degree College/University
1979 B.Sc (Hons)
Visva- Bharati

M. Sc.
1996 Ph. D.

Burdwan University
Research Projects, Papers and Books

 Jean-Francois Ponge, Ipsa Bandyopadhyaya and Valerie Marchetti (2002),  Interaction between humus form and herbicide toxicity to Collembola (Hexapoda). Applied Soil Ecology, 20: 239-253.
 Ipsa Bandyopadhyaya and Deb.Kumar.Choudhuri (2002) Laboratory observations on the biology of Xenylla welchi (Collembola:Hexapoda). Pedobiologia.46, 311-315.
Ipsa Bandyopadhyaya, D.K. Choudhuri, Jean-Francois Ponge (2002), Effects of some physical factors and agricultural practices on Collembola in a multiple cropping programme in West Bengal. Europian Journal of Soil Biology, 38: 111-117.
Loranger, G.; Bandyopadhyaya, I .; Razaka, B. and Ponge, J.F.(2001). Does soil acidity explain altitudinal sequences in collembolan communities? Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 33:381-393
Mitra, S.K. and Bandyopadhyaya, I.(1986) Changes in the population structure of Collembola and Acarina in an agricultural ecosystem.  Rec. Zool. Survey, India, 83 (3 &4): 175-180
Bandyopadhyaya, I. and Choudhury, D.K. (1993). Preliminary studies of life-cycle of Xenylla sp. (Collembola : Insecta). Proc. IV Nat. Soil Biol. Ecol., pp. 125- 128.

Teaching Experience
15 years in Visva Bharati
Awards and other Academic Distinctions
Worked as Junior (2 years) and Senior (2years) Research Fellow at the Zoological Survey of India,Calcutta from 1983-1987 on 'Studies on Collembola with special reference to agro ecosystem. Worked in Biochemistry Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India for one month (12.5.99-12.6.9912.5.99-12.6.99) to learn different immunological techniques.
Worked as an Associate Professor in the National Museum of Natural History, France for three months(August-October 1994) on 'The influence of altitude and vegitation dynamics on Collembolan community of the French Alps'. 
Worked as an Associate Professor in the National Museum of Natural History, France for three months (June-August 2000) on 'The use of soil Springtail to restore biodiversity in pesticide polluted agricultural soil.' 
Worked as an Associate Professor in the National Museum of Natural History, France for three months ( May- July2001) on 'The use of soil Collembola as bio-indicator of pesticide side-effects and search for species to be used for the restoration of biodiversity in agricultural soil'.
Other Co-curricular Interests

Music, Recitation, Drama

Any other information
Diploma in French from Visva-Bharati University.