Kalimohan Ghosh (1884-1940)

Kalimohan Ghosh was born in 1884 in Tripura district of undivided Bengal. Inspite of abject poverty in his childhood, Kalimohan completed his schooling undeterred and with merit. 

When Kalimohan read Rabindranath's essay Svadesi Samaj he was greatly moved by it and joined him in his village welfare work on his estate in 1906. 

At the end of 1907, Kalimohan joined the Santiniketan School to assist Rabindranath in his educational mission. He continued with village upliftment work whenever he could. He was sent to England by Rabindranath to study methods used in primary education and adult literacy. 

When the Institute of Rural Reconstruction was inaugurated, Kalimohan joined this new enterprise, where he was a great help to Elmhirst. He inspired villagers to follow the Cooperative principle.