Faculty Member

Maya Das
Senior Lecturer


Areas of Specialisation
Indian Philosophy (schools of Vedanta, Indian philosophy of Language)

Indian Culture and Aesthetics

Hinduism (19th & 20th century Hindu Thought)

Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Date of Birth 17th December 1952
Year Degree College/University
1972 B.A(Honours) Visva-Bharati
1974 M.A. Visva-Bharati
1984 Ph.D Visva-Bharati
Research Projects, Papers and Books

"Foundations of Indian Culture: A Comparative Study of Vedanta and Contemporary Indian Thinkers" 2. "A Critical Study of Indian philosophy of Language"
20 Journal articles published in reputed Research Journals including The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy, The Philosophical Quarterly, The Journal of Philosophical Studies, The Vedanta Kesari, Prabuddha Bharat
Book articles published in The Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda (Progressive Publishers), Indian Philosophical Systems (The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture), Perspectives on the Philosophy of Professor S. Radhakrishnan (Visva-Bharati).
10 Review articles published in The Statesman, The Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy
The articles on Indian Philosophy, Religion ,Culture, Aesthetics, Women's studies have contributed a great deal to drawing Indian intellectual interest to the recent development in these subject areas

Teaching Experience
23 years in Visva-Bharati

Two Book Prizes for securing highest marks in Higher School Certificate Examination, Visva-Bharati Merit Scholarship, National  Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies, UGC scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies in Sanskrit, Visva-Bharati Research Scholarship, UGC Junior Research Fellowship

Academic Distinctions
On invitation and sponsorship of Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, U.K (1998) delivered and participated in talks and discussions on Vivekananda at Buckinghamshire
Symposiast, Indian Philosophical Congress,73rd Session, Dharwar,1998
Participant in the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, USA,1998 on sponsorship of UGC and ICPR
Other Co-curricular interest

Participation and presentation of papers in - a) International Conference Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy,Boston,USA,1998, World Sanskrit Conference, New Delhi, 2001
 National Conferences and Seminars : Presented paper in 20 meets including Indian Philosophical Congress, National Seminar on Vakyartha Mimamsa,University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Research Seminar,IIAS, Simla, National Symposium, RKM Institute of Culture, Kolkata, National Seminars at Benaras Hindu University, North Bengal University, Jadavpur University, Visva-Bharati University; All  India Oriental Conference, Akhil Bharatiya Darsan parisad, Workshops at ICPR, Lucknow.
Academic Assignments and Extension Activities: Executive member Indian Philosophical Congress since 1997, Joint Co-coordinator UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Philosophy 2000, Resource Person in 3 UGC sponsored Refresher Courses, Teacher in charge of  Teachers' Seminar in the Dept. of Philosophy & Religion Visva-Bharati 1997-1998.

Any other information
Diploma in German Language,
Certificate in Hindi Language,
MA in Sanskrit Language,
Participant in 2 Advanced Workshops in Vedanta Sutra Bhasya on invitation of ICPR, Lucknow.