Mohitchandra Sen (1870-1906)

A student of English and Philosophy, Mohitchandra Sen was an erudite scholar and academician. He taught in various colleges before joining the Victoria College, Cooch Behar as a teacher in English. 
Drawn to Rabindranath's ideal of education, Mohitchandra gave up his career as a college lecturer and joined the Brahmavidyalaya. Even before he took charge of the Santiniketan School he was associated with it as a member of the administrative committee along with Jagadischandra Bose and Ramanimohan Chatterjee.

Rabindranath was grateful to him for helping out once during a financial crunch in Santiniketan. He joined the Vidyalaya in February 1904 after the death of Satis Roy, when for a few months the school had to be transferred to Silaidaha. When the school was brought back to Santiniketan in May 1904, Mohitchandra became the Principal of the school, but had to leave some months later due to ill health.