Sailajaranjan Majumdar(1901-1976) 

Sailajaranjan Majumdar was a distinguished exponent and teacher of the songs of Rabindranath. Although he had an aptitude for both vocal and instrumental music from his childhood, he followed his father's wishes and took in 1924 a master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and then acquired a degree in law. In 1932, he accepted an offer from Visva-Bharati to be a lecturer in Chemistry. It was during this time that he found an opportunity of learning Rabindranath' s songs from the Poet himself as well as from Dinendranath Tagore. 

Rabindranath was highly impressed with his talent in music, and when Sangit Bhavana was established in 1939, he asked Sailajaranjan to take charge of it as the first Principal, and abandon science. However, he did not fail to temper his artistic zeal with a scientist's detachment. He was a great teacher of the system of Rabindranath' s songs in its very appropriate style and prepared notations for a vast number of songs, which were published in Svaravitan

He very ably directed plays and dance-dramas of Rabindranath Tagore, and travelled through India, Burma and Ceylon with his well-trained troupe. So great was his vitality and enthusiasm that even at eighty he graciously accepted a visiting Professorship of this institution, and conducted music lessons and lecture-demonstrations for the benefit of music teachers and students.