Santoshchandra Majumdar (1886-1926)

Santoshchandra Majumdar, son of Sris Chandra was born in Calcutta in 1886. Sris Chandra was a Deputy Magistrate and close friend and associate of Rabindranath. Santoshchandra was one of the first five students in the Brahmavidyalaya.

After completing his school education, Rabindranath sent him along with his son Rathindranath to the University of Illinois, USA, to study Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. He was in the United States for the period 1906-09 and returned to Santiniketan in 1910.

Santoshchandra taught English literature and Science in the Santiniketan school during 1910-1922. He was nominated as a member of the Executive Council of Visva-Bharati in 1919. He worked with Elmhirst and Kalimohan Ghosh in Sriniketan from 1922. He was given charge of the administration of Sriniketan in the absence of Elmhirst. Siksha Satra, the school intended for village children around Sriniketan, claimed his attention from its inception in 1924.