Satischandra Ray (1882-1904)

Eldest son of Akhilchandra Roy, Satischandra studied at Barisal Brajamohan College. He met Rabindranath while studying triple honours in English, Sanskrit and Philosophy in General Assembly's Institution. He was introduced to Rabindranath by Ajitkumar Chakravarty. 
Satischandra offered to join the Brahmavidyalaya in 1902. An ideal teacher, his teaching was not restricted to the syllabus.

Not only was he able to familiarize students with great works in world literature; he was able to impart a love for literature in them. His student Rathindranath recalled years later the summer holidays of 1903 when he came in close contact with him. Satis would recite for hours from his vast repertoire of poetry, from Virgil, Dante, Goethe, Shakespeare, Kalidas and Rabindranath. 

Satischandra died in 1904 but his memories remained with the Poet who always associated the school with this young poet and teacher.