Faculty Member


Sudhendu Mandal


M.Sc., Ph.D.

Contact Address:
Professor, Department of Botany, Siksha Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan - 731235

smandalaerobiol@visva-bharati.ac.in ; smandalbot@gmail.com


Phone numbers (mobile and/or landline):
+91-3463-262751-6 (6 lines) Ext. 381 (O);
+91-9433162374(M) +91-3463 264607(R)

Research areas:
Plant Biosystematics, Palynology, Aerobiology & Allergy, Pollination Ecology & Environmental Botany

Awards and Honours:
• Young Scientists Award and Cash prize in 1982 by Govt. of India
• Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship at U.K. (1991-92)
• Govt. of India National Scholarship at Visva-Bharati (1971-1973)
• Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, U.K.
• Fellow of the International Society for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
• Fellow of the Indian Association of Biological Sciences
• Fellow of the West Bengal Academy of Science & Technology

Significant publications :
• Mondal (Parui), S., Mondal, A.K. and Mandal, S. (2007). Evaluation of electroelution and immunodiffusion as methods for purification and identification of the allergenic proteins of Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. Pollen. Grana (Sweden), 46: 91-97. (impact factor = 0.842)
• Mondal, A.K., Parui,S. and Mandal, S.(2000). Molecular taxonomy of the genus Cassia L. based on seed protein and mitochondrial DNA RFLP. Phytomorphology, 50(1): 15-25.
• Bhattacharya, A., Mondal, S and Mandal, S. (1999). Entomophilous pollen incidence with reference to atmospheric dispersal in Eastern India. Aerobiologia, Kluwer Aca. Pub., The Netherlands, 15: 311-315. (impact factor = 1.173)
• Parui, S., Mondal, A.K. and Mandal, S. (1999). Identification and partial characterization of the allergenic proteins of Ricinus communis L. pollen –A new approach. Grana (Sweden),38: 1-5. (impact factor = 0.842)
• Mondal, A.K., Parui, S. and Mandal, S. (1998). Protein profile of the allergenic pollen of Ipomoea fistulosa L. – A comparative study. Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine (Poland), 5: 131-134. (impact factor = 1.538)
• Mondal, A.K, Mondal, S and Mandal, S. (1998). Pollen production in some plant taxa with a supposed role in allergy in Eastern India. Aerobiologia, Elsevier Sci. Pub. Ltd., Ireland, 14: 397-403. (impact factor = 1.173)
• Mondal, S., Bhattacharya, K.N. and Mandal, S. (1997). In vitro pollen germination in Morus Indica L. Sericologia, France 37(2): 349-352.

Number of Ph.D students produced :24