Tanayendranath Ghosh (1895-1958)

Before coming to Santiniketan in 1926, Tanayendranath Ghosh was a teacher in his village at Khulna.

He sent an application for a teaching assignment in Patha Bhavana and was immediately accepted. He was received by the children of Santiniketan with excitement, they had heard he was an excellent football player! In those days the school team included teachers and when with Tanayendranath's help the first visiting team was defeated, he became a hero overnight. He participated in all their games actively but when he took classes he was a different person 

It was Tanayendranath who first compiled and published at his own expense a booklet with the writings and drawings of Patha Bhavana children and thus was born Amader Lekha, an annual with contributions from students.